Some Things I've learned Operating Business For The Past Five Years

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There's no roadmap for life and there's certainly no roadmap for business.

Many times in all of our lives, we try to contrive paths for ourselves based on the belief that we can accurately predict the future. If you were to ask yourself from 5 years ago who you'd be right now, chances are that that vision of yourself would be entirely wrong.

Here are some lessons that I've brought from my childhood into my late teenage years, and woven directly into the fabric of my business execution that I believe would be useful for anyone on this journey of business like myself.

These are the core principles that I abide by everyday.

  1. Exercising great levels of patience

  2. Being deliberate in my intentions

  3. Treating customers as if there were none left

  4. Staying abreast of industry changes.

  5. Being open to reinventing myself.


There is nothing in life, business, or play that comes without having the foresight that the execution of a plan today has the ability to actually play out in 24 months instead of 24 days.

The truth is in order for you to build a great business, it demands you to be patient like nothing you've ever done in your life. A business is like your child. It demands constant attention, care, and investment.

This investment comes in the form of your time, dollars, investment in good people, and paying great attention to the course you're navigating for yourself. And if you aren't willing to be like a farmer and wait until the right season comes to reap the benefits of your execution, you'll have long fell by the wayside.

Being Deliberate in my actions

The truth of my life is that I didn't picture myself venturing into executing marketing services after five years although I knew at anytime I was very open to executing on something different for myself. It seems like there's something about me that's drawn to the service business.

I love and believe in people.

I believe that every business is a form a service business because the influx of dollars doesen't happen without people believing in what you sell therefore it's important to treat people well or avoid them.

Treat Every Customer Like The Last

I practice tricking myself into believing that every customer that I come across is the last one. By doing this on a daily basis, it allows me to value my relationships more. I believe that many times in our personal or business lives people the reason we lose the fertility of a relationship is because we take it for granted.

Yes there are customers for everyday of the week for us to find. However, I strongly believe in finding those core clients that allows for a long-lasting relationship which pays off dividends in the future.

Be Adaptable

Every industry is an active entity and it will change. You'd be a fool to be comfortable.

In the past few years, the internet has brought rapid changes to almost every industry. Fashion, Photography, Marketing, The Tech industry, and more. So why'd you think that your industry is safe?

With voice becoming a part of the consumer reality in a few years, and VR on the horizon, I think it's best that we start thinking from now how we can engage with consumers in these spaces to bring them a tremendous amount of value.

A solid customer relationship will be the only thing that's left when the internet turns everything into a commodity. This is what we call brand.

Reinvent Yourself

A creator is open to the changes in life. Just as one must be adaptable, one must also be open to taking what we call in business a hard pivot. I'm not able to tell someone when they need to make a hard left, I think it's just something that we feel.

The person you are today will not be the person you are even five years from now. The only way that we've survived is to be comfortable with change. Most of us aren't ok with change, and that's ok.

But tell me, isn't it worth being accepting of the fact that things change instead of resisting to only have to come to terms with things at the end of it all?

These are some of the things that have guided me on my path thus far in my life and I hope that one of these can be of value to you as well!

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