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Company Policies

This FAQ is designed to put your mind at ease and to answer any questions that you may have.

Booking Policy

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your photoshoot slot.


After your package has been sent, you will have 2 - 3 days to confirm your appointment. After said time with no follow up, we will close your booking ticket with no further follow up.


Final Payments are due at the beginning of your photoshoot session.

Rescheduling Policy 

You may reschedule once with no charge with up to 2 days before the engagement notice and no charge.


Rescheduling requests within the 2 day window, will require a $50 fee to cover administrative costs.


Upon the second reschedule request, you’ll be required to rebook your session.

Cancelation Policy 


Cancellations result in you waiving your deposit.


Under special circumstances, we will make assessments based on your unique situation and make a decision based on all the information gathered.

Late Policy

$10 fee after every 10 minutes late.


Your deposit will be forfeited if:

  • You are 30 minutes late

  • You cancel on the same day


Revision Policy

You are allowed 2 revisions on your editing order. 


Afterwards, you’ll be required to pay a nominal $20 fee per revision.

Photo Storage Policy

After your photo session, we store your photos on our Google Drive for 30 days. 


During this time, please download your images so that you may have a copy of them. 


For every archive access, we charge a $20 access fee.

Photo Delivery Policy

After your session with us, we will notify you the day after that your photos are being processed.


Upon receiving your selections for your retouched photos, we will advise you on the estimated delivery time.


If you are concerned about where your photos are in the editing schedule, please email

Friends & Family Policy

You may bring friends along with you to support you in your session. Friends make photoshoots more special. 


However, they  may not take any photographs with you unless they’ve paid for the service as well.

Customer Loyalty Program


Upon booking with us, you are automatically enrolled in our customer loyalty program.


For every photoshoot that you complete with us, you will be rewarded with 20 points.


For every referral you make that books a successful shoot with us, you’ll be rewarded 10 points.


You may earn an unlimited amount of points by booking shoots and referring your friends.


You may redeem your points at any time!


Point System 


  • 1 point = $1.00

  • 1 Photoshoot = 20 points 

  • 1 successfully booked referral = 10 points 

How to Redeem Your Points


  • Save money on your next photoshoot

  • Buy a gift voucher for a friends/family

  • Order prints

  • Order more retouched photos



Payment Methods


We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as:



Payment Terms & Conditions


 If you have chosen to pay on installments, you agree to pay the full amount & all installments of the program level, no matter your level of participation. 


You agree to have an updated & authorized credit or debit card on file until your chosen payment option is paid in full, including any accrued late fees, if applicable.


By booking JFP Studios, you authorize the payment option initiated to be charged to the card you have on fine.


 I agree to the refund policy, and payment terms and conditions detailed above.

Client Photo Licensing

Photographer agrees to grant Client a non-revocable, non-exclusive license to use any and all still and/or video images that Photographer creates in  Agreement, and Client shall be allowed to use such still and/or video images for any and all purposes, without Photographer's prior consent or approval.

Photographer retains the right to use the still and/or video images created for his/her own commercial & promotional purposes in all media (e.g. commercial portfolio, website, blog, direct mail and e-mail, advertisements and exhibitions).

Sales Tax 


All sales are subject to NY Sales tax.

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